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Starting Out on a Strong Foundation

Get expert help to Strengthen Your Relationship!

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Work on yourself first.


Learn how to best support your partner working on themselves.


Determine which areas of your lives affect you both. And learn how to communicate better.

Get Expert Help to Strengthen Your Relationship

Starting a new relationship is exciting, but comes with its own set of challenges. Learning how to communicate and support each other is key to long term happiness. At Restarting Relationships, we specialise in couples therapy in Australia and offer solutions for dating and engaged couples to build a solid base.

The Power of Communication

One of the key pillars of a healthy relationship is communication. Misunderstandings and miscommunications can quickly turn into conflicts but with the right tools and techniques, couples can navigate these obstacles with ease. Our therapists at Restarting Relationships are trained to help you learn these skills.

Our couples therapy retreats will have you participating in interactive sessions to improve your communication. These retreats provide a peaceful and quiet environment where you can connect with your partner without the daily noise.

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Supporting Each Other’s Growth

A healthy relationship is about mutual support and understanding. Knowing how to be there for each other during the good and bad times can strengthen your bond. Our sessions will teach you how to support each other’s personal growth and navigate life’s ups and downs together.

Whether you’re just starting to date or already engaged, our approach means the advice and strategies you receive are relevant and applicable to your situation. We offer relationship advice tailored to you and your dynamics.

Customised Couples Therapy Retreats

Our couples therapy retreats are designed to be an immersive experience where you can focus on your relationship. They are customised to your needs so you get the most out of your time with us. Whether you need to work on communication, conflict resolution, or intimacy, our retreats offer a holistic approach to relationship building.

By attending one of our retreats, you’ll get valuable insights and tools to apply in your daily life. Our retreat locations are peaceful so you and your partner can relax and rejuvenate and return to your routine feeling more connected and committed.

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Comprehensive Dating Advice

Starting a new relationship is exciting but can also be overwhelming. Our therapists offer dating advice to help you navigate the new relationship. From understanding each other’s love languages to setting healthy boundaries, we cover all aspects of dating so you can get off on the right foot.

We believe early intervention and guidance can prevent many relationship problems. By seeking advice early, you can avoid misunderstandings and build a relationship on trust and respect.

Ongoing Relationship Support

At Restarting Relationships, our commitment to your relationship doesn’t stop after one session or retreat. We offer ongoing support so you can continue to grow and flourish together. Our concierge couples counselling service gives you access to expert advice and support whenever you need it. This service is perfect for couples who want ongoing guidance as they navigate their relationship journey.

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Why Restarting Relationships?

Choosing Restarting Relationships means investing in your partnership. Our team of therapists are committed to helping you have a long and happy relationship. We use proven techniques and strategies to address your specific issues and goals.

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Get Started Today

Start your relationship on the right foot with Restarting Relationships. Our approach to couples therapy in Australia means you and your partner will have the tools and support to build a happy and healthy relationship. Whether you’re looking for couples therapy, a couples therapy retreat, or practical dating advice, we’re here to help.

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