Finding Support and Solutions

Living With an Alcoholic Partner

Understanding the Challenge

Living with an alcoholic partner is tough and draining. The worry, uncertainty, and potential conflict can really take a toll on your mental and emotional health. At Restarting Relationships, we can support you through this and find solutions.

living with an alcoholic partner


Work on yourself first.


Learn how to best support your partner working on themselves.


Determine which areas of your lives affect you both. And learn how to communicate better.

How to Cope with an Alcoholic Partner

Coping with an alcoholic partner requires compassion, boundaries, and professional support. Our therapists can guide you on how to cope with an alcoholic partner and help you develop strategies to manage the situation. Key areas include:


How to Support an Alcoholic Partner

Knowing how to support an alcoholic partner means understanding their needs and not enabling destructive behaviour. Our therapists can guide you through this tricky process, with strategies such as:

Where can we help you?

We offer support and guidance for those living with an alcoholic partner.

Sometimes relationships face immense strain due to a partner’s alcoholism. That’s where we can help. Seeking our assistance can provide the tools to navigate these challenges and is far more affordable than the emotional and financial costs of a difficult separation.

Personalised Counselling Services

At Restarting Relationships, we offer personalised counselling services for your situation. We want to give you the tools and support to navigate the chaos of living with an alcoholic partner. Our services include individual counselling, couples counselling, and family therapy for everyone affected.

Urgent Concierge Counselling

For those who need flexible and immediate support, we offer concierge counselling. This personalised approach means you have access to professional guidance whenever you need it. Our concierge counsellors are available at times that suit you to help you manage the chaos of living with an alcoholic partner with expert advice and care.


Customised Couples Retreats

In addition to regular counselling sessions, Restarting Relationships offers customised couples retreats to provide an intensive and focused experience. These retreats allow you and your partner to step away from the daily distractions and focus on your relationship. Whether you need to improve communication, rebuild trust, or address the impact of alcoholism, our retreats provide a peaceful and supportive environment to achieve this.

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Ongoing Support and Guidance

Managing the complexities of living with an alcoholic partner is a long term process. At Restarting Relationships, we offer ongoing support so you can continue to grow and heal. Our follow up sessions and continuous counselling services provide ongoing guidance to help you maintain the changes you’ve made and navigate any new challenges that come up.

Why Choose Restarting Relationships?

Choosing Restarting Relationships means you get compassionate and professional support in a tough time. Our therapists are experienced in helping you navigate the chaos of living with an alcoholic partner and find solutions. We offer in-person and online counselling so you can get the support you need wherever you are.

Get Started Today

Don’t let living with an alcoholic partner get the better of you. Get in touch with Restarting Relationships today and take the first step towards clarity and peace of mind. Our relationship counselling services have everything you need to navigate this tough time.

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