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Marriage Counselling

Expert Advice for Couples in Australia

Marriage is both great and tough. When things go wrong, it’s important to seek professional help to navigate through the mess. At Restarting Relationships, we offer marriage counselling in Australia to help couples work through their issues, rebuild trust, and strengthen their connection. Our services provide the support and tools for a healthy happy marriage.

marriage counselling


Work on yourself first.


Learn how to best support your partner working on themselves.


Determine which areas of your lives affect you both. And learn how to communicate better.

Does Marriage Counselling Work?

Many couples ask “Does marriage counselling work?” The answer is yes. Our therapists use evidence-based techniques to get to the root of the problems. Whether you’re dealing with communication issues, trust problems, or emotional disconnection, our marriage counselling sessions are tailored to your specific needs and challenges. We help couples develop strategies for lasting change.

Relationship counseling

Where can we help you?

We provide every relationship advice you need.

Sometimes people who are meant to be together break up just because they don’t know how to be in a relationship. That’s where we can help. And it’s a lot cheaper than getting a bad divorce.

Personalised Marriage Counselling

At Restarting Relationships, we know every relationship is unique. That’s why we offer personalised counselling to address the specific needs of each couple. Our therapy team consists of seasoned marriage and family therapists who help couples navigate their relationships. Through one-on-one sessions, we focus on improving communication, resolving conflicts, and deepening the connection between partners.


Online Marriage Counselling

For couples who prefer the convenience of online sessions, we offer online marriage counselling. This means you can receive professional help from the comfort of your own home. Our online sessions are just as effective as in-person sessions and provide the same level of care and attention. With online marriage counselling in Australia, you can schedule sessions at a time that suits you, making it easier to fit counselling into your busy life.

Intensive Retreats for Couples

In addition to regular sessions, Restarting Relationships offers intensive retreats where couples can step away from the daily distractions and focus on their relationship. Our customised couples retreats are designed to meet your specific needs so you get the most out of your time with us.

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Stronger Relationships

Our marriage counselling helps couples build stronger, more resilient relationships. We teach practical skills you can use in your daily life. These include communication techniques, conflict resolution strategies, and ways to maintain emotional intimacy. By developing these skills you can have a happier marriage.

Ongoing Support

Healing and strengthening a marriage is an ongoing process. At Restarting Relationships, we offer long term support so you can continue to grow and thrive together. Our concierge counselling services give you access to professional advice and guidance whenever you need it. This ongoing support is essential for couples who want to maintain the changes they’ve made and navigate any new challenges that come up.

Why Restarting Relationships?

Choosing Restarting Relationships means investing in your marriage. Our therapists are experienced in helping you and your partner overcome challenges and build a strong lasting relationship. We offer marriage counselling, online marriage counselling, and intensive retreats to suit your needs.

Get Started Today

Don’t let conflicts and misunderstandings control your relationship. Get started today towards a healthier happier marriage by contacting Restarting Relationships. Our marriage counselling in Australia has all the tools and support you need to navigate your challenges and build a deeper connection with your partner.

Get in touch today to find out more about our services and how we can help you have a fulfilling and resilient marriage. Together, we can create a plan for a successful relationship.

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