relationship problems?

Too often we let issues build until our relationship faces a crisis point.

We’re here to provide you with the relationship advice you need. Learn how to resolve issues and build a strong relationship and live fulfilling lives.

We have helped couples in all stages of their relationships: dating, engaged, living together, married for years, on the verge of divorce or already divorced (but co-parenting). Sometimes we help people to restart their relationship based on new rules. Or at least to divorce amicably and co-parent well together.

We can help with all sorts of relationships. For example, between a brother and a sister, between parents and children (even if they are grown up) or between close friends and business partners.

We provide customised couples retreats (one couple at a time) that can help you in this process. And we do our best to make this an enjoyable experience because that’s how your life together is supposed to be. If your partner doesn’t want to come, you can just do the intensive work by yourself.

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Scott Terry Restarting Relationships director
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